ELAC Meeting #1

Please join us for our first ELAC meeting Thursday, October 20th at 12pm. The Zoom link and agenda can be found in our calendar!

Student Council 22-23

Congratulations to our student council members! Eastman- President: Genesis, VP: Iris, Secretary: Valentina, 3rd grade reps: Zuria and Fernanda, 4th Grade: Solange and Adelin, 5th Grade: Hayden and Melissa, Support/Assistants: Hailey, Jayli, Matthew, and Denise. Lorena- President: Ashley, VP: Isabelle, Secretary: Danielle, 3rd grade reps: Jocelyn and Ailani, 4th Grade: Giselle and Alberto, 5th Grade: Leslie and Jonathan, Support/Assistants: Antonio, Logan, Alejandra, and Jose.

Hike #2

Mark your calendars for our second hike! We are also planning to join the Santa 5k at Griffith Park on Dec. 10th. Come and join us for that event as well!

COVID Test for School on Monday

A negative test result is required to have students on campus. Please make sure to fill out the survey by scanning the QR code below
and uploading the results. This test kit contains two tests, one will be used the weekend of August 13/14, 2022 and the second test will
be used on August 20/21, 2022. If you have any questions, please call our office.
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